I grew up with Jane. She has always had an incredible wish to perform to the best of her ability. It came as no surprise to hear that she was not only interested in specialising in menopause, but was committed to completing the official further training.

I had discussed hormonal changes with my own family doctor but with no enthusiasm on his part to explore HRT due to previous negative press. Upon describing my symptoms to Jane, she delivered a confident, well thought out, research based and reassuring treatment approach. I started on the suggested therapy and felt significantly better in a matter of weeks. My family were and still are, extremely grateful!

When explaining the approach to my own GP, he hadn’t heard of the combination, but was impressed by the logic and attention to detail.

I am truly confident that a consultation with Jane will give you the best, most up to date advice and treatment options to make menopause manageable for you and your family.

Good luck


My journey.


If you are reading this then there is a high probability that our stories will be very similar.

My menopause journey was a catalogue of incorrect hormone therapies, failed alternative treatments and many lonely years of suffering in silence, convinced that there was no suitable way through the menopause for me and that I would just have to ride out the storm for as long as it lasted. 


The menopause is different for everyone but in my case it affected my thought process, impacted my relationships both at home and at work and it damaged my professional reputation in an industry that I had excelled in for over 20 years. 


This scenario affected my self confidence which did nothing to improve how I interacted with other people. This is the thing about the menopause, it happens gradually, it’s invisible to others and you don’t always appreciate how it’s impacting you so it’s very hard to make allowances to adjust your behaviour accordingly. By consequence you lose friendships and colleagues as people’s perceptions of you change and none of us really understood why. It can be a lonely place. Fortunately my husband and I have a very strong relationship and he has a good sense of humour, and has supported me as best he could, but it’s not hard to comprehend why the menopause can be so ruinous to so many relationships. 


So, I was settled into a routine of mood swings, hot flushes, constant arguments about how warm the house should be and on occasions, separate beds as sharing was impossible for me as I sweated through night after sleepless night. Then, one afternoon my husband came home and said that he had been talking with Jane about my symptoms and Jane was really keen to see if she could help me as this was an area that Jane was looking to specialise in. Jane and I have known each other for years but this was the first time that we had a ‘doctor-patient’ conversation and it was a life changing moment for me. 


For the first time in years someone was listening to me, actually hearing me and determined to find a resolution to my situation. Jane sat me down and went through my medical history and showed me all the information on the pros and cons of HRT and the various applications of HRT. We then went through a continued process of consultations and different types of HRT to find the best solution for me.


Now I am pretty much my old self, friends have commented on how lovely it is to have the old Kim back.


I’m delighted that Jane has asked me to write this for her as it gives me the opportunity to say thank you but also to tell just how important that moment in my life was, I will be forever grateful! 


Jane has been wonderful my treatment has been a process of adjustments and experimentation but almost immediately there was a seismic difference, and each stage of the journey has generated continued improvements. 


If I were to tell you three things they would be; 


Don’t travel alone, bring others on your journey


Keep fighting there is a solution for you 


Talk to Jane


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