My first blog

I am excited to blog to you for the first time about my new Wight Menopause clinic. This is the culmination of a project which started several years ago when I was still a GP partner. Although I had a good working knowledge and experience of women’s health issues I realised that I could do better. Over the last 3 years I have concentrated my professional development on working towards the Advanced Certificate of Menopause Care. This is awarded by the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health Care, which is part of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. There is so much to offer to women in their post reproductive years in terms of symptom control and health promotion. It’s a real challenge to pack it in to a routine GP consultation. 

In 2019 I resigned my partnership and have since relocated to Cowes. Alongside my locum work in General Practice I have been developing my plans for a private menopause clinic. I am now almost ready to launch. I really want to make this work. I am confident about my clinical provision but sorting out everything which I need to have in place to be compliant with regulation and to create a service which is easy and pleasurable to use for my clients is terrifying!

To facilitate this process I plan a phased launch, starting with a limited number of first appointments in December prior to an increased service in the New Year. To start with, I will operate an offline booking system and you will need to contact me by email . As my confidence in the systems I am using grows, I shall be able to offer online booking and remote consultations. Be patient with me and I promise I shall do my best! I look forward to seeing you.

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