The Menopause Symposium

27th March. 09:30 – 10:45 am. Online via Zoom. The Menopause Symposioum is a free online event in collaboration with Emma Spencer-Goodier, Dr. Jane Peckham and nutritionist Helen Lambert to discuss the options, stigmas and the many positive and powerful aspects of midlife. This conversation is for women navigating the physical, emotional and spiritual transitionContinue reading “The Menopause Symposium”

How can I help women who have had breast cancer?

When a woman gets a diagnosis of breast cancer life saving treatment is understandably prioritised. Very often treatment can cause symptoms which significantly impact quality of life. That’s where I want to help. Younger pre menopausal women may have an early menopause as a result of surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy to treat their cancer. InContinue reading “How can I help women who have had breast cancer?”